How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership. The Hampton, New Hampshire-based American franchisor and fitness center operator is called Planet Fitness, Inc. With nearly 2,400 clubs, this organization ranks among the biggest health club chains in the US in terms of both membership and number of locations.
The owners of Planet Fitness, Michael and Marc Grondahl, purchased a struggling Gold’s Gym location in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1992. Eventually, they shut down the first facility, launched Coastal Fitness, a gym, and added former CEO Chris Rondeau as a third partner.

Concept of Planet Fitness

For a very reasonable price, Planet Fitness provides a beautifully maintained, superb fitness experience. How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership You always fit in the judgment-free zone. The aim at Planet Fitness Health Club is to provide a special space in which everyone may feel at ease, which means every person. Popular fitness establishment Planet Fitness is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and reasonable membership costs. The chain offers a broad range of fitness equipment and services that customers can take advantage of to work out and reach their health and wellness goals.

People like Planet Fitness For Number Of Reasons;

  • Judgment-free environment: 

Planet Fitness is happy to offer a friendly, judgment-free environment.

  • Cost-effective:

With monthly membership dues as little as $10, this is a viable choice for those on a tight budget who enjoy working out.

  • Convenient: 

There’s likely a Planet Fitness gym nearby you, with over 2,000 facilities throughout the US.
Variety: This fitness gym provides a variety of services and equipment, such as weightlifting training, cardio machines, and sunbathing rooms.

  • Growth and expansion: 

With a substantial increase in health and fitness club membership and the setting up of more locations, Planet Fitness has seen immense development.

  • Franchise model:

Independent entrepreneurs of the health club manage and own the majority of Planet Fitness locations, which has helped the company succeed.

  • Community-focused: 

Planet Fitness strives to foster a friendly, encouraging atmosphere among its members by fostering a feeling of community. This helps boost the mental wellbeing of the subscribers and generates a sense of family in the fitness world.

  • Free fitness training programs

Planet Fitness Membership Fees

The Classic and the PF Black Card are the two primary membership categories offered by Planet Fitness. Keep in mind that you might have to make a 12-month agreement before signing up. Enrollment in the club requires a minimum age of 18; however, 13- to 17-year-olds may do so with the presence of an adult who is their parent or legal guardian. Keep in mind that there is an annual membership charge of $49 when calculating the cost of a Planet Fitness subscription. In addition to the monthly membership dues, you also pay the annual fee.

Classic Membership At Planet Fitness Gym

The monthly cost of this basic membership, which is $10 before taxes and fees, is $10. You are unable to go outside of your home club, but you have unrestricted access to it. Benefits include partner discounts and prizes as well as access to the Planet Fitness app’s programs.

Those who frequently work out at the same gym might find the Classic membership to be the best option. Those who just want to focus on exercising and don’t require anything extra might also benefit from it.

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership Benefits

The perks of the Black Card At Planet Fitness include all the perks listed above as well as a few more, such as the following; the option to bring one guest. The membership starts at $24.99 a month before taxes and fees.
• Entry to any Planet Fitness facility across the globe.
• Availability of the tanning process, massage chairs, and hydro-massage equipment.
• Red light treatment and vibration are combined in the Total Body Enhancement machine to deliver a range of health and aesthetic benefits.
• 50% discount on numerous drinks.
• Exclusive access to partner discounts and perks at the fitness club.

With access to several branches of Planet Fitness Gym, this category can be perfect if your schedule is variable or you travel a lot. Individuals who value having a gym training companion could gain by being able to bring a companion. Similarly, you might split the cost of the gym membership with your roommate or spouse if you share a residence and save a few additional bucks.

Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Black Card Online

There are no phone numbers, Planet Fitness website links, or email addresses where you can cancel your membership. Officially, you are limited to two options: in-person visitation or letter-writing.

To withdraw in person:  Go to the front desk of your home club and ask for a cancellation form.

If you would like Planet Fitness membership cancellation, you can usually do so in person at your home club or by sending a written notice via mail. Depending on their membership category and the location of their home club, certain members might also be able to cancel their membership online.. You can ask for help at the gym or upgrade your membership online from Classic to Planet Fitness Black Card. It is also feasible to downgrade, but you will need to do it in person. Additionally, keep in mind that the majority of Planet Fitness locations only accept payments made with checking accounts if you typically use your credit card to receive those extra perks.

Free fitness Training Programs

Some people may like to work with a personal trainer but due to financial limitations they may not find the way. Because it provides free fitness training, Planet Fitness has an advantage over its competitors in this domain. Furthermore, access to the course is available to non-planet fitness Black Card holders as well.

You can utilize gym trainers as often as necessary. The first step is to register on the website of your gym or via the Planet Fitness mobile app. To sign up if you’d prefer to do it in person, visit the front desk of your neighborhood fitness gym.

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Does Planet Fitness Membership Include all Locations

Members of the Planet Fitness membership Black Card are able to access any gym in the world! Simply look for Planet Fitness Near Me, check-in and provide the front desk with your Planet Fitness Black Card.

Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership Online

How To Cancel Planet Fitness: Every club has a unique cancellation policy. If you would like Planet Fitness membership cancellation. You can usually do so in person at your home club or by sending a written notice via mail. Depending on their membership category and the location of their home club. Certain members might also be able to cancel their membership online.

The time of your membership cancellation is another aspect that might affect your cash flow. You can cancel by the 25th of the month before the annual fee is due to avoid being charged the yearly membership cost. In addition, there is a $58 buyout fee for individuals who cancel before meeting their minimum commitment requirements. These cancellation policies should be observed. It’s common to forget to cancel your subscription, which might lead to you paying for a membership you’re not using.

How To Avoid Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee

Ensure that your letter is addressed to your home gym location and has all the necessary details. You must remind the gym of your cancellation seven business days before the next billing date. To avoid being charged the membership fee for the following month.

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