How To Cancel YMCA Membership

How To Cancel YMCA Membership. With a global reach, the YMCA, or simply the Y, is a major organization serving youth. It’s a non-governmental organization thus the government has no jurisdiction to regulate it.  Most people just call it the Y although the Young Men’s Christian Association is known by its acronym, YMCA.

Who started the YMCA

George Williams started it on June 6, 1844, in London. Their headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. And the group strives to develop a healthy body, mind, and spirit in order to live out Christian principles.

The current administration of the YMCA

Over 64 million young people in 120 countries gain from Young Men’s Christian Association work and they have around a million volunteers, which is another plus!
Soheila Hayek is the president and Carlos Sanvee is the secretary general of the present administration. And the coordinators they see to it that everything is completed. With a global reach, the YMCA, or simply the Y, is a major organization serving youth.

Non-governmental organization

It’s a non-governmental organization, so the government has no jurisdiction to regulate it.  As everything started in London in 1844, under George Williams’ ownership. Geneva, Switzerland serves as the location of their headquarters. Most people just call it the although the Young Men’s Christian Association is known by its acronym YMCA.

Why is the YMCA membership important

Community well-being, meaningful Work, a sustainable planet and a just world are its four primary operating domains under YMCA Vision 2030. And the YMCA supports young people in improving their lives communities and the wider world. That’s why among the biggest and most established youth organizations globally it is the oldest one.


Youth development

Through a wide range of youth activities, such as offering sporting facilities, so hosting workshops for a variety of skills, promoting Christianity, and humanitarian work, the local Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA, delivers programs and services centered on youth development.

Central YMCA IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND OLDEST YOUTH CHARITIES IN THE WORLD. And through a special fusion of advocacy, education, training, and support, YMCA helps people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

YMCA membership benefits

You will discover a place to do what you love when you join the Y. There is no better place for you to develop a strong body, mind, and spirit than here, with a community of members who will support you every step of the way, a highly skilled and compassionate crew, and an abundance of group exercise sessions. And registered dietician provides individualized, one-on-one nutritional counseling through a partnership between the YMCA and Husk Nutrition. Most health insurance policies cover this!

YMCA Membership Cancellation Policy

How To Cancel YMCA Membership. Contracts are not needed to join the YMCA. So Monthly members can terminate their membership by appropriately submitting a cancellation request through a web form which is available on the YMCA website, no later than 30 days before their next draft date. Otherwise the YMCA is still permitted to charge the member’s bank account. And for the automatic payment of their nonrefundable monthly membership dues in line with the terms of the membership draft agreement. So memberships that are prepaid (annual) or those that are paid for in full upfront for a full year are not refundable.

YMCA Membership Refunds

Refunds for memberships are only available in cases where you could not notify the YMCA of your cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances. So these would require the appropriate paperwork to be included (a doctor’s letter, for example).

A complete refund or credit will be issued if the YMCA fails to cancel or put your membership on hold. As provided that the refund or credit is supported by the appropriate paperwork (such as a hold form cancellation form, email, etc.). The YMCA will never refund or credit more than six months of membership at one time.

Each year, members who are receiving scholarship assistance must submit supporting evidence. Thus after each annual cycle, if your financial assistance information is not updated, you risk having your membership and/or program rate canceled.

YMCA Program Refunds, Credits and Cancellation Policy

The YMCA is aware that kids want to experiment with different programs and pursuits in order to discover their favorite. Program cancellation is permitted up to two weeks before the start date for daycare or three days before the start date for sports.

You will get your money refunded in full as an account credit that you may use for any other program you want, or you will get your money back using the original payment method that was originally used and kept on file (refunds are subject to a $20 service fee).

Once the course or program has started,

1. For full-pay programs:
Unless there are exceptional circumstances and supporting proof, program refunds or credits are not allowed (i.e. medical). So requests for credits or refunds made after a program session won’t be fulfilled.

2. Regarding Automatic Payment Plans: YMCA drafting plans can be adjusted to accommodate your evolving requirements and timetable. At any point, you can withdraw from the program by giving written notice at least two weeks before your next scheduled payment date. Appropriate proof will be necessary for refunds or credits resulting from medical reasons.

When a class or program is canceled by the YMCA members will whenever possible. Have the option to make it up and in the event that makeup is not possible, a member may submit a written request for a program credit by filling out the program refund/credit web form and after a year from the day they are added to a member’s account, all credits will expire.

YMCA Parent Handbook

For the most comprehensive and recent information on policies, please click to view the YMCA Parent Handbook.

YMCA cancellation form online

Below is the link for cancellation of membership form of YMCA.

How to fill out the YMCA cancellation membership form online in pdf

  1. Edit your YMCA cancellation form online free

Type text and fill up forms. Then add photographs and  mark or hide data at your discretion, leave comments, and more.

  1. Add your legally-binding signature

You can use a digital camera to take a picture of your signature, draw or type your own, or upload one.

  1. Share your form right away

Share your YMCA cancellation form via email, fax, or web link. Additionally, forms can be downloaded, printed or exported to the cloud storage service of your choice.

Detailed Editing steps of YMCA cancellation form online with pdf-Filler

Follow the guidelines below to begin utilizing our skilled PDF editor:

  1. Enter your account information and if you don’t already have a profile, create one by starting the free trial.
  2. Put a document online and by choosing Add New from your Dashboard you can import a file from the web, cloud, or internal mail, or you can upload a file directly from your device. Now click Edit to begin.
  3.  Modify the YMCA’s online cancellation form. The rearranging of pages adding items changing text and more and the file can then be divided and locked, or it may be unlocked by selecting the Documents tab.
  4.  Now save your file from the list of your records, pick it. Next point the pointer to the right toolbar and select an export option from the list of options, which includes emailing it, downloading it as a PDF, saving it in numerous formats, and storing it on the cloud.

Detailed steps to fill out the YMCA cancellation form online with pdf-Filler?

1. Download the YMCA cancellation form from their website or pick one up at your neighborhood branch.
2. Enter your contact information, full name, and address in the space provided.
3. Give your membership number from the YMCA or any other pertinent identifying number.
4. Indicate the reason(s) for your request to be canceled, such as a move, money troubles, or any other legitimate cause.

5. Provide the date on which the cancellation will take effect. An this is the date when you would like your membership to end.
6. Add your signature and the submission date to the form.

7. Fill out the form completely and return it to the YMCA branch where you got it. It can be required to be turned in in person at the front desk or mailed to the specified address.

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